6x4ft box trailer



 - High Sides: 300mm
 - GVM weight:   750kg
 - TARE weight:   225kg
 - Chassis Main Beam Size:   50x50mm
 - Draw bar:   70x50x1320mm
 - Inside Box Dimensions:   1880x1230mm
 - Leaf Spring:   6
 - Tyre Size:   185R7014” LT
 - Axle Size:   50x50mm Square 
 - Cage Sizes:   600 and *900mm high


 *900mm cages $150 extra


- Axles: 1
- Jockey Wheel:  Yes—Swing up
- Tipper:  Yes
- Stud Pattern:  Ford
- Lighting:   12 Volt LED Type
- Fully hot dip Galvanized:  Yes
- Removable Cage:  Yes
- Fold Down Front & Rear Gates:  Yes
- Re-enforced spring hangers: Yes
- Full 360 tie down rails:  Yes
- Dual top support rails

- Warranty: 1 Year

Powder coated handles: Yes

         Tipping ability                    Coated Handles             360degree tie down rail      50x50mm cross members

       Spare tyre mounting        Solid over guard rails            Removable rear gates            Dual safety chains

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